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Welcome to QUEEN OF SHEBA 

Restaurant & Bar 



COVID vaccine card required for entry.
Come dine in & enjoy a drink in a safe environment!

Please call (215)382-2099 to place take out orders.


Ethiopian Cuisine

Wine & Spirits

Enjoy a full bar with an array of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, liquor, cocktails, and other soft drinks. We're known for our great drink prices & happy hour specials!

Our food menu includes traditional Ethiopian eats, along with an African twist on some of your favorite American dishes. We specialize in vegetarian and vegan options, alike. Join us for lunch, dinner, or both! 


Planning a party? Our location is the perfect place for celebrations and other large gatherings! Please call us  with details including the date, time, and how many people in your party. 



1. Rice with spicy vegetables $13

2. Rice with lamb $14


3. Rice with beef $14

4. Fish Fir Fir with Injera $14

5. Fish Fir fir with vegetables $13

6. Ethiopian Cheesesteaks with beef $12

7. Ethiopian Chickensteaks $12

8. Foul (fava beans) $9

9. Injera Wrap (lentils, shiro, or greens) $8

10. Chicken tibs $14

11. Spaghetti with meat sauce $14

12. Vegetarian Spaghetti Combo $13

vegetarian special.jpg

Vegetarian Combo

ethiopian food.jpg

Queen of Sheba Special

doro wot.jpg

13. Kitfo

Exquisitely spiced tender minced beef with side of ayib - freshly spiced cottage cheese and collar greens $15

Ask about our special $16


14. Gored Gored

Cubes of choice tender rare (or medium rare) beef prepared with a luscious blend of Ethiopian spices, including hot berbere mixed in clarified butter $16

Ask about our special $17


15. Lamb tibs

Tender, marinated pieces of lamb cooked with jalapeno, onions, garlic, tomato and a touch of rosemary and other spices $15

16. Beef tibs

Lean beef cubes pan fried with jalapeno, onion, tomatoes, and rosemary $15

17. Zilzib Tibs

Sautéed strips of beef with onions and green chilies $15

18. Ye beg qey wot 

Tender and flavorful lamb stew cooked in berbere sauce and other spices $14

19. Doro Wot

Flavorful and spicy chicken, slowly simmered in berbere sauce served with hard-boiled eggs $15

20. Quanta Fir Fir

Bits of injera mixed with cubes of dried sirloin beef, onions and tomato sauce $15

21. Vegetarian combo

An assortment of lentil stews, collard greens, salad, cabbage, green beans $15

22. Queen of Sheba Special

Combination of gored gored, kitfo, tibs, and salad $30

Doro Wot

Quanta fir fir.jpg

Quanta Fir Fir



Queen of Sheba is a family owned and operated business in the heart of University City. We have proudly been serving the Philadelphia community for over 20 years.

Our mission has been to make every patron feel like family, by creating a comfortable atmosphere with great drinks, food, and an extensive playlist, spanning over the decades. Owners Manny & Genet appreciate you visiting the site, and hope to see you at

Queen of Sheba very soon! 

Queen of Sheba Restaurant & Bar

4511 Baltimore Ave 

Philadelphia, PA 19143

Phone: (215) 382-2099

Call Us Today!

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday: 4pm-2am
Sunday: 11am-2am

Restaurant Hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 4pm-12am
Kitchen is closed on Monday
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